• Detox Ionica.
  • Heat Bed with volcanic stones.
  • Eye Massage.
  • Hand Therapy.
  • Used foot massage
  • Body Massage (1Hour) Specific pain.

THE MIGUN THERMAL MASSAGE SYSTEM MIGUN Thermal Massage Systems represent the fusion of Asian and Western Medical techniques. Inspired by the effects of Acupressure, Acupuncture, Heat-Therapy(Moxibustion), Chiropractic, and Massage, MIGUN Thermal Massage Systems provide you with total health, relaxation and balance.

HEAT-THERAPY (MOXIBUSTION)The use of heat to stimulate blood flow and tissue response, also encourages overall muscle relaxation, relieves pain, and releases pollutants trapped in the musculature.

Detox Foothbaths    
  • * Your Body's ability to Detoxify & Heal
  • * Energize and Boost your Immune System
  • * Balance Energy Pathways within the Body
  • * Recovery & Healing from Injuries & Illness

We can do two Detox footbaths bring a friend





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